Roof Moss Removal Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole

Moss Removal the Easy and Safe Way

Bournemouth Roofing use the Airpole 'Reach & Blow'® System. Airpole addresses 2 major problems and fits onto the top of the window cleaning pole. It uses compressed air and a unique set of specially engineered attachements which enables the safe cleaning of roofs. The system also clears gutters from the safety of the ground up to and above 65 feet. It is completely independent and is very quick to set up.

Moss Removal Before Photo - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Moss Removal - Before Photo

Moss Removal During Photo - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Moss Removal - During Photo

Moss Removal After Photo - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

Moss Removal - After Photo

No Pressure Washing or Standing on Roof with Airpole

The Airpole 'Reach & Blow'® System is a new approach to roof cleaning. The system is quickly attached onto your existing window cleaning pole and you have many different attachments to use for the different types of tile profiles. These allow you to safety clean the roof super clean without going on the roof or pressure washing.

This system is an ideal partner for soft washing.

  • Causes no damage to roof tiles because it uses compressed air combined with lightweight attachments
  • Accessing the roof from gutter level means that no one goes on the roof
  • Leaves the top protective surface of the tile intact
  • A dry, no wet system
Moss On Roof - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

The Safe Solution to High Level Gutter Clearing

The Airpole® gooseneck and leg are quickly attached onto your existing window cleaning pole. The air goes up the pole through the specially designed Airpole® gooseneck and nozzle, into the gutter, blowing the leaves and other debris out of the gutter. The camera and Tabglove® allow you to see into the gutter from the safety of the ground. The debris can be collected on tarpaulins placed underneath the gutters and/or swept into a pile to dispose of.

  • Attaches onto standard window cleaning poles
  • Clears gutters to virtually any height, depending on your pole
  • Deals with virtually anything in the gutter - leaves, clods of grass, pine needles, cones
  • Gets into very narrow gaps between tiles and gutters
  • Is independent - no electricity needed
  • Quick to set up / get to work
Airpole System in Action on Roof - Bournemouth Roofing Dorset

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